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From there, he headed back to Michigan to attend medical school.

Carson had wanted to become a doctor since he was a boy, after hearing about medical missionaries in sermons at church.

Almost as important is that Carson has become a role model for people of all ages, especially children.

Although he works thirteen-hour days and performs hundreds of operations a year, Carson makes time to spread his message that anything in life is possible, regardless of what color a person is or where he is from. He went from the inner-city streets of Detroit, Michigan, to the halls of Yale University, to director of pediatric neurosurgery at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the United States.

This incident terrified Carson, who realized, as he told Current Science, that he was headed for "jail, reform school, or the grave." Carson turned to prayer, and learned to make peace with himself and others.

Since the 1980s, his surgeries to separate conjoined twins have made international headlines, and his pioneering techniques have revolutionized the field of neurosurgery.

He also wanted to encourage students to explore the fields of science and technology.

According to the fund's Web site ( the goal of the nonprofit organization is to "to help our children stay competitive in science, math, and technology, as well as balance academic achievement with the high esteem our society gives to sports and entertainment.

In his writings, Carson has commented that even during the hardest times, his mother was the family's rock.

He was never a good student, but when Carson returned to his Michigan elementary school he realized that he was far behind the other fifth graders.

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The boys were also required to write book reports, which Sonya would underline and mark up.

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