Adult children having difficulty with widowed parent dating

When you come to Him in prayer, do you think He is a cheap politician? (Luke 18 Commentary) (See also F B Meyer's analysis of the contrasts in Luke 18:1-8).Do you think God is doing things just for political reasons? LUKE 18:1-8 A PARABLE OF CONTRASTS Leon Morris introduces this parable pointing out that "Jesus is not, of course, likening God to an unrighteous judge. If a wicked man will sometimes do good, even if from bad motives, how much more will God do right!Although I don’t like to disagree with men who are greater than I, that isn’t so.This is not a parable on the persistency or the pertinacity of prayer—as though somehow God will hear if you hold on long enough.(Baker New Testament Commentary – Exposition of the Gospel According to Luke) Now He was telling them a parable (literally "and He was saying" - cf Lk , , ) - Who is them? We have to check the immediate context and when we do, we will find the previous passage that says "He said to the disciples." (Lk ). " The purpose of the parable is that they (we) "ought to pray and not lose heart." Matthew Henry - This parable has its key hanging at the door; the drift and design of it are prefixed.Christ spoke it with this intent, to teach us that men ought always to pray and not to faint. Similarly, we are to pray at all times lest we "suffocate spiritually," and specifically in context so that we do not lose heart.Wiersbe - This parable is not urging us to “pester God” until He acts; it is saying that we do not need to “pester” Him because He is ready and willing to answer our prayers.(Wiersbe's Expository Outlines on the New Testament) R Kent Hughes in a sense responds to Mc Gee's comments asking "Does this mean we must never engage in importunate prayer, fervently beseeching God? The teaching of the parable is that we must continue in our prayers, even when there seems to be no answer, because God, unlike the unjust judge, is loving, good, and gracious.

This important aspect of this parable on prayer will be discussed in greater detail in Luke 18:8-note. J Vernon Mc Gee gives us a helpful reminder so that we don't misinterpret the meaning of this parable - Now, I have heard many Bible teachers say that this parable teaches the value of importunate (troublesomely urgent, overly persistent in request or demand) prayer.

(Preaching the Word - Luke) (Bolding added) J Vernon Mc Gee - This is a parable by contrast, not by comparison.

Parables were stories given by our Lord to illustrate truths. Para means “beside” and ballo is the verb, meaning “to throw”—(we get our word ball from it).

So, to “pray without ceasing” means to have such holy desires in our hearts, in the will of God, that we are constantly in loving communion with the Father, petitioning Him for His blessing. It’s hard to measure how much good such constant prayer would do, and how much bad it would keep us from. The difference is one of " (always) (3842)(pantote from pás = all, every tóte = when, then) an adverb which literally is "every when" means always, at all times, ever (more), on all occasions.

At all times - This is re-emphasized with the phrase "day and night" in Luke 18:7-note. In English always is defined - invariably, forever, perpetually, on every occasion, throughout all time, without variation. Richards writes that “Always” in the Bible does not link time with eternity.

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Wiersbe on at all times - It certainly doesn’t mean that we should constantly be repeating prayers, because Jesus warned against that kind of praying (Matt. Rather, it means to make prayer as natural to us as our regular breathing. In this context it the idea is continual prayer(recurring frequently, especially at regular intervals), not continuous ( continuing in time or space without interruption), nonstop prayer.

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