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Real Style: Was there concern about not letting your own wedding look too similar to the wedding you will be filming on Heartland?

Amber Marshall: I live my life very close to how Amy lives hers.

I think humans can learn a lot from the principles of an animal.

Real Style: You have always been passionate about helping animals in your spare time.

Amber found her dress - a Private Label by G gown with a sweetheart neckline and lace detailing - after trying on just three gowns.

Shawn topped off his look with a 10-gallon black hat.

'She’s enjoyed being complimented by him and their flirtation has made her smile.'In the back of her mind she knows he only recently tried to pursue a romance with Amber but she doesn't see that as any reason not to get to know him better.'Mail Online has contacted Chloe's representative for comment.It makes my job easier I guess when I get to experience the storylines in real life prior to having to act them out!Therefore, I can call upon memories to make my acting more realistic.Amber Marshall: I like to think of the dress I chose as elegant, vintage and country.I went into a dress store in Calgary only a couple of months prior to the wedding, and chose the dress I did for the tooling and shape.

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