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There are also tips on what they can do to accomplish their dreams.CRYSTALS Crystals are quiet, well-meaning souls who are natural healers. Crystals� dreams usually involve having a quiet, spiritual and meditative life.These auric layers are all connected to each other, and have the power to influence each other.They also influence a person's feelings, thoughts, actions, and words.Mysticurious discusses the meaning of the blue aura, and the personalities of the people who possess it. This may be the reason why people with this auric color are so vocal about their emotions.

Their dreams usually involve living in a world where there is complete peace and harmony, where all life, people, animals, and nature are honored and treated with integrity, compassion and love. To live their dreams, Indigos need to go within and trust what they inherently feel are higher truths, or find others who support them by reminding them of these higher principles.Indigos are high-level spiritual souls who know who they are and where they came from.They are so unusual and spiritually advanced that some people find it difficult to know how to deal with them.This will help them remain centered and open channels for the healing work they came here to do.Because they like simplicity and cleanliness, their environments need to be quiet and orderly.

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In order to achieve their dreams and reach their highest potential, Crystals must learn to regularly go within and to commune with nature, their spirituality, and their source.

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