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Does your partner: If any of these things or other types of abuse are happening, you need to seek help. Abuse victims are also more likely to smoke or misuse alcohol, which can also lead to health problems. The longer you live in a violent situation, the harder it will be for your children.

Other health problems linked to sexual abuse include , infections, and bleeding, are higher for these women. When abuse happens, your children may feel scared and ashamed, or they may even think that they caused the problem.

Teens are at greater risk for depression, drug and alcohol use, and unsafe behaviour.

Most relationships have difficult times, and almost every couple argues now and then.

Here are some other things you can do: Keep in mind that the person may not want or be ready to leave.

People who are not abused might find it hard to understand why anyone would stay in a violent relationship.

Worse, they can grow up thinking that it's okay to hurt others or let other people hurt them. But it's important for you and your children that you get the support you need. When you leave an abusive relationship, you show by example that violence is wrong and that it's possible to make healthy choices. It can be even harder when the relationship is abusive.

People who are not abused might find it hard to understand why anyone would stay in an abusive relationship. Some people falsely believe that if a person stays, she or he must be weak or needy. People stay for many reasons, such as: Many victims of domestic violence are willing to talk about their relationship when they are approached in a kind and understanding manner.

These early signs of abuse may happen soon after the start of the relationship and might be hard to notice at first.

After the relationship becomes more serious, the abuse may get worse.

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