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Moments later he sat near me and asked me what I had seen of Cairo I mentioned not much. I packed up my stuff and got ready for a mini date through the streets of Cairo. outside of the hostel and he asked me what I wanted to do. I know I wanted to explore Cairo, but was not sure what to do or see. We had a tea and then he showed me around the back neighborhoods where you can see signs of the revolution.He said, “we’ll start by visiting Tahrir Square and go from there”. We made it to the Square and he pointed out some key points from the revolution and he told me that he was there too fighting along the rest of the people. I asked so many questions and learned so much about it.

We continued chatting away making our way through areas of Cairo I’m sure I would have never seen on my own. He hadn’t slept and I was a bit tired from walking about 5 hours. We met up later that night and made our way to a free live Egyptian dance show that is shown in a theatre nearby.

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We then met up with his friends and enjoyed some tea and chatted away.

It was already getting late, but I was having a good time and wasn’t worried.

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