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One of the reasons it is so good, unlike Microsoft’s Tay, is that it cannot be corrupted with false statements because Mitsuku uses supervised machine learning.This means, as soon as the chatbot learns something new, the data is sent to a human manager for verification.Each of them has a unique selling point and, most importantly, provides value to its users.So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here is our selection of the top chatbot apps. Claiming to be an 18 year old female, it is considered, at least at this point, to be the most human-like AI.All in all, Mitsuku is not the most useful chatbot.

It is capable of searching over 100 websites for products that meet the user’s requirements, from the item types, styles, prices, sizes, and colors, to purchase and delivery.

In addition to being available on Messenger, Skype, and Slack, it integrates with your email and calendar for a better experience.

Similar to Amy in the above example, Hello Hipmunk can be added to your email thread for collaborative travel planning.

” It is also very fun and engaging: poncho has a vibrant personality and a great sense of humor.

It also uses stickers, GIFs, and offers different challenges and games to keep the users engaged.

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