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It has been a bit shocking for me since back home it’s considered really rude to comment on someone’s appearance.Because of this, since moving to Korea, I’ve honestly started to give zero fucks about what I look like when I leave the house in the morning. I know that even if I spend 30 minutes highlighting and contouring my face until I look like Kim K before going to work, someone is probably still going to comment on my dark circles and tell me I look tired and sick.I hope that my Korean friends and readers can accept what I have to say.The same way that I would accept what any expat living in Scotland would have to say about my country.That incident has prompted me to address my true feelings once and for all.In my everyday life, I talk about these feelings quite a lot.I wish I had made a bit of a scene and told him to fuck off, but as it always goes, we only know the best thing to do in hindsight. There is a sentiment here that foreign girls make good girlfriends, but they’re not marriage material.

They aren’t opting for surgery like rhinoplasty to fix a crooked nose that’s been causing them a lot embarrassment over the years.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened either.

I hear people talk about Korea like it is a huge utopia with no crime.

With such importance placed on looks from such a young age, it’s not uncommon for students as young as 7 to notice if you are wearing less makeup than usual, or to point out that you have dark circles.

It’s also not uncommon for adults to tell you that you look so tired and sick on the days that you are wearing less makeup than usual. I have a lot of acne scars and often have Korean women trying to give me advice and recommend different dermatologists to me.

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Yeah, you might not get stabbed or shot or gang-raped.

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