Chee kwan and gabby franco dating

The season comprises twelve episodes, and was filmed in Santa Clarita, California. Gregory Littlejohn, Kyle Sumpter, Chee Kwan, William Bethards, and Gabby Franco returned for High Shot: All-Stars.

Littlejohn completed in 16th, Kwan completed in 14th, Sumpter completed in 13th, Franco completed in 12th, and Bethards completed in fifth, that means that Season four was the one season with no consultant within the finale..

It’s not perfect, but it’s been a lot of fun and the personalities do add to it.

Greg LJ is turning into a lovable big lug, frankly. Its sad that “reality” tv has proved once again how completely fake it is Reply Well i have to say this season they either screened the candidates better or improved the editing.His loyalty to all of his teammates is laudable, if awkward. So we are left with a Marine, two guys that don’t even belong on the show, and this crybaby named Greg that has sucked ass the entire season? Greg didnt make the cut for douchebag for me in the end, sure he probably has read eat pray love and been to the vagina monologues once or twice, but to each their own.William turned into a turd so i he will get my final vote. I think Greg was a douche at first, but turned out not to be so bad.Chris did admit his failings and Tim accused him of not owning up; he was wrong and he called someone out and paid the price.Not sure he can be Top D-bag because he’s not around long enough.

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And in a High Shot first, two rivals duke it out in a fierce battle with a multi-shot grenade launcher.

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