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This is used to secure IKE Phase 2 negotiations which are used to negotiate IPSec SAs.In IKE Phase 2, three messages are exchanged between IPSec peers. The first message contains a Hash, IPSec proposals (configured using crypto ipsec transform-set command), a Nonce value and ID.Branch1 router initiates IKE negotiation by sending a Policy Proposal message to its peer.This message contains one or more IKE policies containing parameters such as encryption algorithm, authentication method, hash algorithm, Diffie-Hellman group and SA lifetime.And the last step in the process of obtaining certificate is to actually request a digital certificate from the CA Server for the router itself using crypto pki enroll WIN2003 command.

First step is to obtain a digital certificate from the trusted CA Server.

The peer router examines the IKE policy information and attempts to find a match within its own locally configured IKE policies.

It responds with a Policy Acceptance message of acceptance of one of the sender's policies. The next two message serve to exchange Diffie-Hellman Public-Key values.

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