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Fourth husband is Sotheby’s chairman, John Marion; keeps Manhattan apartment; neighbor is oil heir Gordon Getty. Temple • Wal-Mart, Grocery Distribution • 56 0 million, UP million from 1991. Assets Wal-Mart stock acquired in merger with family-owned grocery distribution firm, Mc Lane Company, in 1990.

Mc Lane just shelled out some 5 million to buy Houston Astros: “I’m a wholesale grocer who’s trying to learn baseball.” That’s Life Grandfather founded Mc Lane Company in 1894.

• Henry Ross Perot Dallas • Data Processing Systems • 62 .25 billion, UP 0 million from 1991. Assets Subtract million spend on his presidential bid—but he’ll earn it back in interest in less than a month.

He made his first billion (give or take a few hundred million) by taking Electronic Data Systems, the company he founded, public in 1968; his second billion by selling out to General Motors for cash and stock in 1984; his third billion, following a nasty spat with GM, when he sold the stock back to the company. left most of his estate to a foundation; in 1979, Robert Moody gained control by buying the foundation’s 51 percent of Moody National Bank.

Drayton jettisoned plans to teach after attending wholesalers convention during senior year at Baylor University.

With Mc Clane at the helm, company reached more than billion in sales.

The Apparel Mart is now threatened by rent dispute that could cause tenant exodus.

Plans to keep hand in hotel business “until I get kicked out, I guess.” • George Phydias Mitchell Houston • Oil and Gas • 73 0 million, DOWN million from 1991.

Shrinking exploration and production leads to office closings and pushes Mitchell Energy and Development stock down.

Now he invests in high-tech start-ups (Steve Job’s Next Computer) and real estate between Dallas and Fort Worth (the Alliance Airport project). That’s Life A Red Sox fan since Boston boarding school education.

Perot also spreads his billions among tax-free state and municipal bonds. “Just a shopping list for nuts.” • Perry Richardson Bass Forth Worth • Investments • 77 • Sid Richardson Bass Forth Worth • Investments • 50 • Edwards Perry Bass Forth Worth • Investments • 46 • Robert Muse Bass Forth Worth • Investments • 44 • Lee Marshall Bass Forth Worth • Investments • 36 .6 billion, UP 0 million from 1991. Assets A juggernaut of stock holdings, oil and gas, and real estate investments, started with the million Perry’s wildcatter uncle, Sid Richardson, left Perry’s four sons in 1959. Started own insurance company, National Western Life, in 1961 with income from family trust.

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