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These rules have been composed after years of time and experience so do not think we are asking too much in all of us being adults within these rooms and as a community on the whole.

With over 175 posts & requests for a cuckold room the last thread was closed due to the amount of feedback.

I struggle to find cuckold couples this would save so much time and endless browsing for the right couple. Would we not just end up asking for a room for all the different interests listed on Fab?

Can we again please have a trial of a Cuckold Room rather than have both a USA room and Canadian room with zero viewers; here is the original post: would it be possible to have a room for cuckold's so we could chat with Bulls who enjoy satasfying the cuckolds wives, some of us enjoy watching our wifes having fun and it would be nice if there was a room available for chat and arranging meets even if you try this for a couple of weeks and see how busy it gets" I'm all for this, my worry is the Trolls that clog this site up with their crap, the wannabe's.A cuckolding room may work for a while but the genuine cuckolding cpls will soon find out that that it's full of wannabes and will stop using the room but good luck trying "I have read the above two posts and what would you rather have?an empty USA room and an Empty Canada room or a Full Cuckold room, if it draws new members then it is a no brainer, I have visited a few cuckold forums with plenty members but poor forum, they would move here if we had the cuckold facility Actually, its very easy for the programmer to set up if they only change a room heading well have to agree the bi room started well, but now its turned into a st8 wanking room,,which is a great shame.It's likely to end up full of single males attempting to outdo each other and direct couples.If it was a cuckold room then who would be welcome and who would be excluded?

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As a woman i love to watch my partner with other women with no contact from myself during the scenario. We have been looking for an experienced bull for the past 2 years who knows what they are doing and we have still not found one. Me and cuckold husband really wanna live this life style xx Judging by the response had to Cuckold Social in the NW which is just 1 region of the country mind you there is a lot of people into cuckolding.

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