Dating a bad kisser

Was your date nervous, tipsy, and/or in an environment that wasn’t conducive to a first kiss (in public, about to jump in a cab, or standing awkwardly at your front door at the end of an exhilarating evening)?

Instead of writing your date off as hopeless, first consider the circumstances surrounding your bad kiss.And if all other signs point to “go,” your date deserves the benefit of the doubt. Set an Example One of the best ways to inspire a satisfying lip-lock is to gently take the lead.Translation: Give that cutie a chance at redemption by creating a comfortable kissing environment on your next date. Lean in, plant your lips on your date’s, and show ’em how it’s done!By having an open dialogue about what you like and how important puckering up is to you, even the dimmest date will start to get the message.And if your cutie wants to please you, he or she will work hard to improve those smooching skills.

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