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‘Coming out’ is now eponymous with the accepting and addressing of one’s sexuality. But in its misappropriated form it’s at best clunky, and at worst a purveyor of the outdated homophobic mechanisms which continue to drive ignorance, prejudice and violence against the LGBT community.Although it looks so very glamorous, being famous does have a dark side.The emphasis though was on stepping into a new world, not leaving an old one behind.Decades later and the meaning is heavily distorted, embroiled in the idiom ‘skeleton in the closet’.

Pedalled by political agendas, religious fundamentalists and endemic ignorance, a sordid, sexualised fallacy still lingers - and the closet is at its epicentre.The connotation: sexuality is akin to a rotting cadaver, tucked away out of sight for fear of judgement and retribution, a source of contempt, disgrace and abnormality.The modern euphemism, ‘coming out the closet’, emphasises the notion that embracing homosexuality entails a lifestyle of seedy activity, exacerbated by the HIV epidemic, prevailing stereotypes and fundamentalist rhetoric. Literally stepping out of a closet involves one swift, decisive action - in then out. Even for those who identify as “fully out”, the assumption of heterosexuality can hurl them back into the dark confides of ‘closetdom’.The closet’s simplicity creates the illusion of choice.Emphasising a binary closet - in then out - suggests that repression and the retention of a heterosexual façade is both feasible and acceptable. Coming out should be presented for what it is: an inevitable, natural process.

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