Dating ethics in workplace

New technology rapidly floods the marketplace and enters the hands of employees.Labor consultants say companies are scrambling to put together social media policy handbooks before an innocent employee rant goes awry."If the company does not, the employee might have a case." Williams says managers can expect workplace issues with social media to become more frequent since employees are spending more time on social media sites.A Nielson report found users dedicated about five and a half hours a week on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in December 2009, up 82 percent from the prior year.

When his manager learned about the Facebook updates, chaos ensued.With the number of users booming, human resource experts say an employee airing -- or tweeting -- dirty laundry about work is a company train wreck waiting to happen.Employees eager to expand their social media pool may think they are harmlessly exchanging information with co-workers and managers.(CNN) -- One by one, the office Casanova dated several of his female co-workers at a small technology firm in California.His dating escapades turned public -- and problematic -- when he chronicled his opinions of the women on Facebook.

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Another problem for companies, Uzzi says, is that social media makes false information difficult to dispel.

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