Dating in the dark engagement

But even when they find their only one they still dress up the same to look not worse than others as husband could leave for some young pretty in miniskirt.

Situation remains similar even when Romanian woman gets older; she still dresses up fancy clothes in order to nostalgic moments and, of course, to impress the opinion of others.

Or is it better to look at fat woman with greasy hair in pajama who has just woke up 5 minutes ago and now she is in the grocery store?

And I agree it would be weird if on some of this sites you find kind of announcement that tells Romanian girls are money hunters and easy and you have to go there with our help as that is your fate, a great chance to pick your ideal women – women of your dreams. To say the truth, many Romanian women are far of the ideal of perfect lady for the wife. Of course, not all Romanian women are like that, but there are many of them among young girls and you have to take it into consideration.

At the same time they are too much concerned with their appearance and again about opinion of others about appearance.

Why do they care about makeup and appearance so much?

I often ask, “You didn’t see this before you were married?

” Then she’ll tell me, “Yes, but I thought I could change him.” I think a lot of people are not being totally honest during the dating process.

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Answer is very easy: to find and attract a man, who could be possible husband.

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