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This study contributes to a comprehensive approach of factors influencing the likelihood of EDI and encourages future research in this area.This study was developed within the research line “Relationships, Development & Health” of the R&D Unit CINEICC (Cognitive-Behavioral Center for Research and Intervention), University of Coimbra (PEst-OE/PSI/UI0730/2014).To help dampen fears of infidelity, reflect on your partner’s willingness to integrate you into their life. Would they let you see all the incoming and outgoing text messages, or credit card statements?

Participants completed the following self-report measures: Extradyadic Behavior Inventory, Attitudes toward Infidelity Scale, and Investment Model Scale. Both men and women with a history of infidelity in a prior relationship were more likely to engage in EDI.With all that being said, isn’t it fair to say that cheating isn’t always going to happen and that there is hope?It can definitely be difficult to see relationships from rose-tinted glasses; dating after infidelity is simply hard. Though this is true, remaining guarded and pessimistic over relationships tends to do more harm than good. You may not be ready to date, and it’s totally okay if you’re not.During the current relationship, men were more likely than women to report engagement in face-to-face physical/sexual EDI (23.4 vs. More positive attitudes toward infidelity, lower relationship satisfaction, lower commitment, and higher quality of alternatives were significantly associated with EDI, regardless of gender.Women reporting infidelity of a partner in a prior relationship were more likely to engage in face-to-face and online emotional EDI; a longer relationship and a younger age at the first sexual encounter were significant correlates of the engagement in face-to-face emotional EDI.

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Issues surrounding trust and insecurity may be the unconscious baggage that we bring into the new relationship. Though the pain and subsequent cynicism is more than natural, we have to remind ourselves that not everyone cheats.

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