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One dimension of masculine/feminine sexuality worth exploring is how spouses complement each other.

Just as magnets are drawn to each other from different poles, so too men and women are drawn to each other, not only because of similarities, but also for the differences.

Of course, this doesn’t mean marrying a new person but rather, courting your spouse as though you are still bent on winning his or her love.

Basically, it means re-tooling those very things that were a part of your earlier relationship but without the threat of rejection or loss.

To help you prepare, here are some questions you can expect to be asked when you do reach out.

Studies report that couples who are passionate about each other can more easily solve problems, including such things as dealing with children, extended family, and financial issues.

Sexual intimacy may have come easily in Bob and Mary’s earlier stages of marriage – a period likely laced with kissing and holding, loving words and deeds, romantic dinners, walks, and sharing of thoughts and feelings – that, later may suffer given the rigors of a growing family.

What initially began as a positive and rewarding sexual relationship in this committed modern couple’s marriage has slowly diminished in sexual desire and frequency.

While they continue to profess to love one another, Bob complains they each are too busy and over-stressed, while Mary often says she’s too tired for sex.

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If love grows by repetition and familiarity, eroticism is numbed by repetition. But too often, as couples settle into the comforts of love, they cease to fan the flame of desire.

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