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They might not have been the deepest romances, but you've grown up with every guy in your age group in town. You've awkwardly run into way too many people you know on Tinder. Even if you do find someone worth dating that lives in your postal code, you're going to have a really awkward introduction when you first meet his friends.5. If you want to meet anyone new, it's basically a weekend trip.

Oh, man, is that your younger brother's best friend? Best case scenario, you're now in a long-distance relationship.6.

Who knew a city that’s perfect for college students could also be perfect for mature men seeking a mature partner? Barley beating out Elmira with 704 more single women than men is Kankakee, Illinois, a fun city with an equally fun name, which is said to come from the Miami-Illinois word “teeyaahkiki,” meaning: “Open country/exposed land/land in open/land exposed to view.” Take advantage of the open country and find yourself a great date!

“The sky’s the limit” in Lewiston, Maine, and so are your dating options.

The guy who's funny and charming and has a nice job now? The weirdest thing about using dating apps in small towns is that you inevitably see everyone ... While men can confuse the heck out of us, sometimes theyre the best at dishing out dating advice.May 18, 2013 Dating in a small town is just too tricky. Small towns are familyland full of married people and elderly people. Best Small Towns For Singles - Register in one of the most popular online dating sites for free.

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