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or more natively Mazdayasna, is one of the world's oldest extant religions, "combining a cosmogonic dualism and eschatological monotheism in a manner unique [...] among the major religions of the world".

He and his romantic partner, John Cage, created what is known in the contemporary dance world as "chance operations." It is based on the Chinese idea of casting your fortune on a hexagram.Along with a Mithraic Median prototype and a Zurvanist Sassanid successor, it served as the state religion of the pre-Islamic Iranian empires for more than a millennium, from around 600 BCE to 650 CE.Zoroastrianism was suppressed from the 7th century onwards following the Muslim conquest of Persia of 633–654.The brash Americans are mostly responsible for the revolution in classical dance that gave rise to a new art form: modern dance.Modern derived a lyrical sensibility and explosive lower body moves from classical ballet but worked from a more grounded, less vertical and lifted foundation.

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The religious philosophy of Zoroaster divided the early Iranian gods of Proto-Indo-Iranian tradition, but focused on responsibility, and did not create a devil per-se.

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