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What to do if you want a divorce record dating back way before New Years’ Day 1949 While the State Vital Records Office keeps very good track of Tennessee divorces recorded during the last half-century or so, many folks have a burning desire to acquire more antiquated marital dissolution documents.If you’re among that growing number of DIY genealogical and historical investigators, relax, take heart and sit back. Most divorce records over 50 years old have been long retired from local county courthouse files and now reside deep within vast Nashville vaults of the Tennessee Library and Archives, Archives Division (TSLA).When social media impacts a child’s body image, it may be time to unplug.Monitor your child’s Internet usage and, if possible, limit her exposure to those platforms that make her question her physique.Below is a skeletal roadmap designed to provide courageous e-pioneers in their quests for the best possible sources of Tennessee divorce records.Best place to begin a thorough but efficient search that’s bound to prove fruitful Tennessee’s Dept.

We discuss current topics of interest in the state and provide quick access to popular online resources.

of Health Vital Records Office maintains a centralized database that contains a statewide registry of divorce records dating back to January 1, 1949.

Moreover, the Vital Records Office can verify the date and local county where a given marital dissolution or annulment was granted during that same timeframe.

Talking about body image While it may be uncomfortable, you must realize that, as your teen is developing physically, they are also becoming more aware of their own sexuality. Talk to your children about the changes that will happen as they exit childhood and begin to experience puberty. It is not uncommon, however, for young children to display signs of having a negative body image.

This is especially true of kids who display characteristics of self-criticism and perfectionism.

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