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amathusiae, are the usually recognized forms of the Blue Rosella.

The Pale-headed Rosella is a beautifully marked bird with a rich cream to golden head that merges into a black with gold edged feathered back, while the front and underwings are a violet/mid-blue to the secondary flights where both secondary and primary flights become black/blue in the adult bird, the female having a whitish understripe in the mature bird; underwing coverts violet-blue; the feathers of the neck and mantle and upper back are black.

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Although the Blue-cheeked Rosella is highly prized as an aviary bird in Australia the Paleheaded Rosella is the "blue species" more commonly kept in Australian aviculture.

Although debate will, no doubt, continue in Australian ornithological circles about whether there are two or three subspecies of this beautiful rosella, the fact remains that each race (either two or three) will continue to excite aviculturists in my home country of Australia.

I wasn’t aware of such a wallet so I looked it up online and apparently Exodus is indeed a new Bitcoin wallet.Introduction The Blue-cheeked Rosella Platycercus adscitus adscitus is the nominate subspecies of the Blue Rosella; usually two subspecies are recognized in Australian ornithology and aviculture, they being:l] the Blue-cheeked Rosella P. Description As written descriptions of aviary birds can make for rather "dull" reading I am relying on the Watchbird staff to provide appropriate color photographs to accompany my article in this special "Rosella Series," however, the enthusiast (i.e, purist) is directed to the excellent word-by-word descriptions in two excellent books on Australian parrots: Australian Parrots by Joseph Forshaw and Australian Parrots: A Field and Aviary Study by Barty Hutchins and (the late) Bob Lovell. Depending which part of Australia you are visiting, or the person to whom you are speaking, this softly colored-and strikingly colored-rosella is also known as Mealy Rosella, White-headed Rosella, Moreton Bay Rosella or Blue Rosella.Distribution in the Wild The Blue-cheeked Rosella inhabits the northern most areas of Cape York Peninsula which covers approximately 450 miles from the northern-most tip of Australia, almost to Townsville, whereas the Pale-headed Rosella is found from that area some 500 miles to the border of Queensland and New South Wales. The two species cohabit in the northern part of their total range where there is some hybridization as they are sympatric.

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The current list recommends the following price per pair, between members:1) Blue-cheeked Rosella $150 pair (approximately $US105).2) Pale-headed Rosella $100 pair (approximately $US70).

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