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December 28, 1959 marked my first photo trip to LAX, from San Diego.

It was also my first Lockheed 188 Electra ride, aboard PSA’s N171PS, which had been in service barely a month.

Continental’s two boarding steps are at the temporary gates.

Incidentally, I had my first (legal) drink in the Theme Building on my 21st birthday eight months earlier, with brother Bill and his wife Ann. I photographed TWA 707-131 N743TW on my 21st birthday, April 18, 1963.

A Continental 707 N7504A (seen earlier on this page), awaiting inspection in March, just a few days after another company 707 tragically crashed shortly after takeoff from New York-Idlewild with the loss of all aboard.

American Airlines 707-123B N7523A approaches the gate in this December 26, photo; check out the window shades on the control tower, slanted to form a cross for the Christmas season, before it was considered politically incorrect.

Parked briefly at the old terminal on Avion Drive, I had barely enough time to photograph her as the last passengers boarded for the onward flight to San Francisco.

I caught my first National Airlines ride on the route, aboard DC-8-51 N875C.Thanks to Alan Miller for this glorious picture, taken in the late afternoon on August 26, 1956.Look closely and you’ll find no less than five TWA Constellations plus the tail of a company Martin 404 and, on the left, the fin of a United Mainliner.Brother Bob shot the following pictures, all in 1959; he only noted years, not specific dates, and some of his slide frames were not date-stamped by the film processor.Western Convair 240 N8410H also crashed in Wyoming, although by then it was owned by Hughes Tool Company.

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Terminal 6 was still under construction, hence the Continental and Pacific aircraft parked at temporary gates adjacent to the ticketing building.

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