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Dash cams should intrude no more than 40mm into the swept area of your windscreen wiper blades and must not be mounted in the area directly above the steering wheel. If a dash cam has a built-in screen, make sure it is switched off or turns itself off after a few seconds, as the law says motorists must not be able to view video-playing devices while driving (there are some exceptions to this rule related to providing information about the status of the vehicle itself – a parking camera, for example – but a dash cam does not meet these criteria).Yes, even if you’re plugging the power cable into a 12V (cigarette lighter) socket, you can normally tuck the cable behind the car’s headlining and down the inside of the trim on the A-pillar (the metal body structure either side of the windscreen), then under the carpet to the centre console." » see all feedbacks All images © Wow Zoom Publishing. Top British Glamour Models Secure & Confidential FREE Registration 2 Way Video(optional for models) New Models added regularly Daily Live Shows from just £8.37 for 20 minutes (or currency equivalent) Daily Live Schedules Advance Booking System Choose your Fantasies (e.g."Please pass on my thanks to Jojo for an excellent show tonight. She is very beautiful lady with a really nice personality.

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