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Coins are dealt with by the Royal Mint - its helpdesk is on 01443 222111. But, I was thrilled by the ultimatum given to the company by the hackers, because offering escapades to a married person having marriage trouble is like offering booze to an alcoholic. But I do not want you to think it will pass, and everything will automatically be okay.If you don't reply, the account will be treated as 'lost' although the money in it will remain yours. If you don't have these details, you could pay the Unclaimed Assets Register ( to do the work for you.If you want to claim a lost account, then you need to complete a form - you can get one from the Building Societies Association at (020 7437 0655) or the British Bankers' Association at (020 7216 8909). It will charge £18 per search and it can also look for other investments including life policies.There is at least £5bn - and possibly as much as £15bn - sitting in dormant bank and building society accounts. As a result, there are a lot of lost pensions out there – it is estimated by the Unclaimed Assets Register that more than £3bn is there to be claimed in missing pensions.Be warned, the Government is on to this and there are plans afoot to release some of this money to fund youth and community projects. The Government's Pension Service - part of the Department for Work and Pensions - has details of more than 200,000 occupational and personal pension schemes. More than a third of this has been in missing savings certificates - £13.6m reunited with 1,400 savers – but it has also traced £11m in previously forgotten Premium Bonds. In the last five years it has reunited 36,000 with £35m in missing savings.

In all cases, you will have to make sure you fulfilled the qualification criteria first. This of course becomes far more complicated if your company has been taken over or the shares delisted (perhaps it has been bought back and become a private company) or gone under.

The chance is that it will be of interest only to collectors of such things - the name for such a hobby is scripophily.

Investments If you have an old policy with an insurance company long since disappeared from view, you can track down the company through the Association of British Insurers (020 7600 3333 or

While banks and building societies periodically clear up their books of dormant accounts, there are still many with just a few pounds in them. You can write to it at: Pension Tracing Service, Tyneview Park, Whitley Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE98 1BA, go online at or call 0845 6002 537.

There are also a lot of building society accounts dating back ten years or more when there was a trend of opening accounts with £100 in the hope that the society would become a bank and give a conversion windfall. However, you will need some details such as the name and address of your former employer, the type of scheme (ie, occupational or group personal) and when you belonged to it.

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