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We provide high quality furniture for commercial projects from leading European and Australian furniture designers, which meet stringent quality testing, legislation, industry and sustainability standards.Bringing the industrial elements of factories into storage design is the Enfold Sideboard.Vestre is strongly committed to the environment and has always rejected use-and-throw-away solutions.READ MORE→ Vestre will do what it can in order to help bring about a better and fairer world.Enea Café Stools help create inviting and thoughtfully curated workspaces.The warm, modern design of the Enea Café Wood Stool makes a statement with a residential design character.That is why we do not take any short cuts or make any compromises in respect of quality, the environment and production conditions.

He explains why he bans email, why his team had to change its space, and why Agile and Scrum are still so popular today.Manz has been part of the Muuto family from the very beginning, designing products that include the Workshop Chair, the Airy Coffee Table series, the Compile Shelving System and now, the Workshop Coffee Table.With more than 1 million of them around the world, The Dots have become a true Muuto icon through its characterful and functional expression.Enea Café Stools James Ludwig shares how his team’s materials science breakthrough led to an all-new chair design that intuitively responds to human movement without the use of mechanisms.Steelcase Introduces SILQ: An Innovation in Seating Design More than a dusty five-year plan, being able to rapidly respond to changes often determines an organization’s success in today’s unruly business climate.

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