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There are several ways to find an affiliate program that provides offers for a specific business vertical.

The key is to apply multiple techniques to eliminate any possible bias.

The first one is obvious – sign up for multiple affiliate networks and see what offers they have.

Next up is searching on Twitter for to compare to answer this question – CPM (Cost Per Thousand), CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action).

Over time as a picture of what traffic your inventory is capable of generating emerges, you may consider signing up an affiliate network to broad the spectrum of offers to advertise.

Games affiliate networks are meant to connect publishers with affiliate programs that allow them to promote games related offers.

Games are a big and profitable niche of the affiliate marketing, it has several sub-niches that are revolve around specific kind of games - board, card, racing, retro, games for kids and more.

And whenever you’ll need any support from their end they’ll be capable to provide it.

For any kind of affiliate marketing to work, you need to have your website or a mobile app generating a significant and steady amount of traffic.

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