Gift ideas for 2 month dating anniversary for guy dating toronto women advice

If you’re outdoorsy, it could be a stroll in the woods, artsy could mean a visit to a local museum, homebodies might find it a great day to bake something decadent.” Kara shared a cute (and free) gift idea: “My husband is an engineer and likes to play with Excel.

One year for Valentine’s Day, he wrote a macro in Excel with a bunch of buttons that I clicked on and there were different messages to pop up to tell me he loves me.” Julie has plans for a cozy V-Day: “Something yummy for dinner then watching some tv together with the doggie.” CL says: “I’m going to surprise my hubby and take him to a new BBQ concession truck and go hiking at a nearby state park and [give him] a handmade love note.

I polled our Facebook group for your suggestions on how to celebrate in fine frugal fashion and you responded with gusto.

This year, I decided to turn to another stellar resource–the readers of Frugalwoods!

I was terrible at crafts even then, but no matter, I loved the process. FW and I often make homemade Valentines for each other and… We have many skills, but drawing and crafting are not among them.

This is something I look forward to instituting when Babywoods is old enough (she’s currently at the stage of putting crayons directly into her mouth, so uh, we’ll wait awhile longer for glitter… Despite our shortcomings in artistry, making cards for each other is simple, cheap, and demonstrates a great deal more sentiment than something store-bought.

Cards and a crockpot of cider would go over well if it’s a family affair or you have friends over.

The best celebrations are those tailored to the people involved, celebrating what they LOVE.

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