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Details surrounding This Is Us' fut…If you know Kimmy Schmidt, you know that despite the challenges she has faced in her lifetime (read: being kidnapped, trapped in a bunker for 15 years, and forced to create a new identity for herself in one of the world's largest cities, to name a fe…It's hasn't been long since this A-lister dipped herself in clay and made a perfume bottle of her naked body, but now she's back to beauty.According to the Instagram announcement, Kim Kardashian created KKW Beauty lipsticks and liners, but don't cal…Reading is, by nature, a very solitary pursuit.

In their natural state they're basically translucent, so I saw no need to shape them (I know, I know).

But there was one day that shaped both my life and my brows and would lead me down a path …Since she published Night Film five years ago, I have been waiting for Marisha Pessl to write a new novel, and my patience has finally paid off.

The New York Times bestselling author of Special Topics in Calamity Physics is releasing her young adult …When people think of June, they likely think of summer lovin', beach-side romances and sunset kisses.

Social media has been buzzing with Roseanne-related comments and among them are several Roseanne cast members' reactions to the sh…Sometimes when a couple breaks up it's for the best... While chatting with Harpers, Jenna Dewan opened up about splitting from Channing Tatum and how she's coming into her own even more so now.…Chipotle is making headlines once again, but this time, it has nothing to do with the food that is so good it makes me weep tears of burrito happiness.

Instead, the "fast casual" food chain is taking a step to be even more convenient than it already …When it comes to putting together killer ensembles and creating enviable makeup looks, Rihanna does not live by rules or follow trends.

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Symbolically, June is a month that bursts with romantic capabilities.

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