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So many people don't like him because he has "foisted" his shows on the American public. They wouldn't be on if people didn't want to watch them. Wasn't into the games like plead the 5th or 10 seconds to guess celebs that turned down WWHL ( that was easy, name any A-lister) so I got away whew.

Blame the public - they are the ones that let the Housewives shows flourish while an interesting show like "Awake" tanks from lack of viewers. Took one look at that hairy ass that begged to be eaten then stuffed, not up to it especially after eating one of SJP's lasagna with chopped liver & kasha.

You cannot blame him for being so involved with his work. I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing to be dissed by PR types from NYC.

He's a queen who is trying for a macho image.[quote]Was he blackmailed into making that claim or was it just a joke? It seems like at least half the posts here mock Andy Cohen for his flamboyant mannerisms (which don't even seem all that flamboyant compared to many, but I'm not bothered by it so maybe I am partially blind to it).

It was Andy's 5th anniversary show with Anderson and Kelly Ripa as guests. Andy whom I have never met is a successful businessman, personality and so what if he is single? As for Lance Bass who I have met is very sweet and nice guy who is now married , and yes haters he is rich look it up worth around 20 M. I ended up here snooping around the web for info about Andy because I have a big crush on him. Really, 99 of every 100 gay men I've ever met who considered themselves "straight acting" not only did not come off as straight to me, but as actually kind of...creepy.

For those who say "ewww" because he is "so old", I guess I hope you die young so that you won't have to hate yourself, too? So it seems he's got issues with his self-image as well, which is a big turnoff. This is an anonymous gossip site where people are mean for fun.

Still, a lot of the comments here are saddening to me if they are made by gay men.

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The poll for the evening was which one would reveal a secret during the after show online. That is when he let it slip and Andy seemed extremely uncomfortable. I think he's charismatic and physically and behaviorally adorable. I don't know if that's from desperately trying to "act" like someone else, or just self-hate or what, but it's weird.

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