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Here are some of the past winners: Elliot Teltscher (1978, 1987), Jimmy Connors (1979), Ivan lendl (1980), Pat Cash (1990), Richard Krajicek (1991), Jim Courier (1992, beat Michael Chang in the final), Pete Sampras (1993, beat Courier in the final,1996 beat Chang), Chang (1994 beat Pat Rafter, 1995 beat Jonas Bjorkman, 1997 beat Rafter), Andre Agassi (1999, beat Boris Becker in the final).

Hong Kong also staged the exhibition Marlboro Champions from 1988 with world-class stars but professional men’s tennis ended after the government banned tobacco sponsorship in sports.

Here are 10 things that we miss about Hong Kong sports from that era, in no particular order, and here’s hoping they return in the near future. Football crowds There was a time when live football on television from Europe was limited to the English FA Cup final and the World Cup. In the late 1960s, Police played Kitchee in three matches and all games were sold out.

Hong Kong fans, back then and now, love football but to get their fix on a regular basis, they couldn’t rely on TV or the internet. During the heyday of Hong Kong football in the early 1980s, crowds of more than 20,000 were a regular occurrence, especially in matches featuring the big teams of that era – South China, Seiko, Bulova and Caroline Hill.

It's a rare sight these days to see police officers guiding hordes up the hill towards Hong Kong Stadium, or even queues to get into Mong Kok.

But there was a time, not that long ago, when you’d shuffle with the crowd past South China clubhouse and struggle to find a seat under the shade at the old stadium, where only the grandstand was covered.

TV and live EPL football games, though, have not helped.” 3.

The foreign players and coaches would set the standards at training and in games and the sport flourished.

Hong Kong-born Tim Bredbury, a former Liverpool apprentice who enjoyed a fine career with Seiko, South China and the Hong Kong team, experienced the highs of ’80s and ’90s local football first-hand and benefited from playing alongside top foreign players.

“There were real rivalries in the early days with all teams spending money on quality foreign players,” said Bredbury.

If there was such as thing as the glory years of Hong Kong sport, you would most likely find them during the final two decades of the 1900s.

The ’80s and ’90s were not about Hong Kong being world-beaters at any given sport, though we had one of them.

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