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Armless Midget- Sal demands "Traction"- Artie as "Emotional Friend" (72 min) 304. Porn Family Fued: Old Stars vs New Stars (beyond hilarious) (78 min) 310. Howard Explodes over Scott and Ronnies prank () 312. Beth calls in mad that Howard turned her down for chess (40 min) 320. Shaw Blades performs "When I see Beth Smiling" () 322. Artie doesnt shower- Gary goofed on about article (28 min) 344. Pornstar AVN givaway Takei watches sybian rides () 354. Ms Howard Stern Rich Guy Dating Game (6-28) (1hr) GREAT 1340. Charlie Sheen on Zito show-ETM gets new role (8-16) (44m) 1371. Elephant Boy in Porno pt 1 '99 (8-30 repeat) (31m) FUNNY 1378. Richard and Sals work letter pisses H off (9-12) (23m) FUNNY 1388. Howards Newlyweird Partner-Ronnie or Fred (9-13) (41m) FUNNY 1390. Lars Ulrich, Meltallica Big 4 tour (9-20) (80m) GOOD 1396. Howards new studio-Robins messy office (9-26) (29m) 1400. JD teaches Howard to Dance-Wendy begs for $$ (9-27) (25m) 1402. Varios staff fights- HOWARD EXPLODES w classic meltdown () 74. Sarah Silverman and Howard smell Richards stinky balls () 303. ETM call- Gary the retard Cribs-Riley Martin in studio () 307. Pat Cooper and girlfriend visit and get roasted (53 min) 309. Artie falls asleep during show- gets blood sugar taken (great) () 319. Benji dating Ivy Supersonic- Naked John the Stutterer Trivia () 343. Kara Diaguardia former Idol Judge (64m) (4-27) 1283. Gary yelled at for being disorganized (6-28) (30m) Funny 1339. Evil Date Letterman returns aftrer years (6-30) (59m) FUNNY 1343. Andy Dick audio trashing, Howard reacts (8-16) (46m) GREAT 1370. Eric the Midget first ever call '02 (8-25 repeat) (10m) FUNNY 1377. Bubba seperation phoner-Maddog Russo (9-8) (91m) 1387. William Shatner phoner w George Takei (9-19) (71m) FUNNY 1395. Leslie West and Wife talk amputation (9-20) (57m) 1399.בלחיצה או בניווט לאתר, את/ה מסכים/מסכימה לאפשר לנו לאסוף מידע בפייסבוק ומחוץ לפייסבוק באמצעות קובצי Cookie.קבל/י מידע נוסף, כולל מידע על אמצעי בקרה זמינים: ‏מדיניות קובצי Cookie‏. Fat Staffer Line Up/ Benjy gets naked for News () 31. Mary Carey visits/ Weird Joe Francis call/ Cyndi Lauper visits (67 min) 48. Artie to give up soda for New Year/ Goofing on Will getting married () 57. Sal falls off stage in Lakeland recap/ Howard yells at Ralph () 67. "Date Jackies Ex Wife" Nancy Dial a Date in studio () 290. Twitters Biz Stone verifies Ronnie (60m) (3-30) 1259. Howard mad Langford bugging George (44m) (4-4) 1263. Jason Ellis visits-George molests him (58m) (4-6) SUPERB 1267. Ronnies Twitter Pranked by Janks (54m) (6-6) Funny 1320. Steve O promotes book attempts stunt (6-8) (63m) GOOD 1324. Howard rants and goes on Alex Bennets show (6-20) (47m) 1332. Ben & Rays early sex life freaks out Howard (6-22) (62m) GREAT 1334. KOAB w Cousin who wants date w Robin (7-25) (43m) 1354. Dice argues with his girlfriend/ Sal unveils the Booey Dance (48 min) 30. Rappin Granny Sybian/ Bubbas crew get raped by Sal and Richard (45 min) 56. Sal returns from fall/ Skating with the Tards game (62 min) 66. Will vs Sal / Bigfoot and Blue Iris play "Whats in my Ass" () 229. Andrea has sex over phone, Girl gets nude and groped by Artie for tour (36min) 239. Robin armwrestles JD- Goofing on Ronnies clothes (43 min) 241. Evil Dave top 5 - Pat Monahan from Train- Miss HTV Oct () 289. Eric the Midget returns via Voicemail (31m) (6-6) 1319. PMOY Clair Sinclair sniffs armpits (6-15) (48m) 1327. Howard recaps Benjy at Weiner resignation presser (6-20) (34m) Great 1331.Bold words: Howard Stern on Wednesday said of former staffers: ’You ask the people that left the show what their lives are like now, trust me, it ain’t pretty.' His former sidekick Artie Lange then took to Twitter to say his life had 'never been better' Movers and shakers: Stern on Wednesday acknowledged the roles of his chief operating officer Marci Turk (left) and senior vice president Jeremy Coleman (right), as he said, 'Those two run this entire radio organization'The King of All Media, in trying to convince Bronk he was taking his job for granted, brought up ex-workers on his long-running program: ’You ask the people that left the show what their lives are like now, trust me, it ain’t pretty ...a lot of them are Goddamn near a nervous breakdown.’While Lange wasn’t specifically mentioned by name, the remarks come about a week after the comedian questioned the drastic changes Stern’s made personally and professionally in recent years, on both his Artie Quitter podcast and in an expansive interview with longtime Stern radio rival Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes on Opie Radio.

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Seven months later, The New York Post named Turk as ‘the woman responsible for Howard Stern’s "PC" behavior’ in a piece that detailed how she has ‘a very strong hand on how the show is handled and how everyone has to “keep Howard’s brand right.”’Wednesday’s broadcast marked the first time the former America's Got Talent star had acknowledged his COO by name on his morning show, as he said he would leave the decision how to handle Bronk’s continual alleged tardiness to Turk and the show’s senior vice president Jeremy Coleman.‘I’m just gonna put this in the hands of Marci and Jeremy ...

those two run this entire radio organization,’ Stern said. & I wish he'd of taken my call so I wouldn't sound like a p----y on twitter [right] now!

The 49-year-old comedian on Wednesday shot back on Twitter after Stern said the lives of his former employees nosedived after they left his radio show, then took aim at Stern’s handpicked chief operating officer Marci Turk.

The situation unfolded as Stern chastised writer Benjy Bronk for allegedly showing up late to work, though longtime fans on Stern-centric online forums such as Radio Gunk, Dawgshed and Reddit suspected that the tongue-lashing regarding Bronk’s tardiness – a topic which has been discussed ad nauseam over the years - was a planned bit for the air.

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