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Hutschenreuther Porcelain Factory was founded by Carolus Magnus in Hohenburg, Bavaria, in 1814.

A second factory was established in Selb, Germany, in 1857.

Hutschenreuther has a Sylvia off white set of dishes.

I think it would be better to post clear close up photos of the backstamps as well.

and is most likely 1939 to 1964 with the marking you described. Best, Will--Please remember to click the ACCEPT button if my answer has helped you in any way so I can be credited by Just Answer staff for assisting you...

Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.

I have seen versions with gold and some with platinum trimmings. In 1997 the Hutschereuther brand and trademarks were sold to the Winterling Group while a portion of the former business continues.

One of the most confusing parts in German porcelain industry is the development of the factories in Arzberg and Schönwald which was mainly influenced by the factories in Kahla, Hohenberg and Selb.The trade mark is a greyish green lion with HUTSCHENREUTHER GOTLIB ABOVE and GERNANY and SYLVIA below.There is a 63 in GOLD at the side and a red mark I cannot read.In 1913 the Probstzella factory already exported to many other countries and employed 165 workers; this number remained constant from then onwards and even the WWI period barely affected business. From then on it's only objective was to increase output capacity of the Könitz main plant and like so many East German industrial complexes the factory was not upgraded or modernized in any way.The following years until WWII saw the area of Thuringia advance to one of the largest porcelain producing areas in Germany next to Bavaria and especially the Gräfenthal area became famous for its porcelain figures. This finally resulted in the closure of the totally run-down factory in 1978. The tricky part is that the 'DEP.' marking is found on some items that had been registered and were still produced unchanged up until 1896 as the local registration could be extended. This means that the marking alone can not be used for dating, the overall state of the item should be seen in context.

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