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And for that reason, this term won’t be used here beyond the next paragraph.

Another small detail is that the term “cybercafé” can be traced to the one who coined it, Ivan Pope, the British internet evangelist and web developer.

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Terms like “Internet café” or “cybercafé” bring us right back to the 90s along with phrases like “web page” or “digital divide”, which were invented to describe new hybrids involving analog and digital, virtual and real as well as the present and near future. It’s rather that these 20th-century phenomena they once described have outgrown their terminology.

Some “internet cafés” have been designed to look like a science fiction set, while many “cybercafés” are nothing more than a few PCs under tables and monitors on the same tables.They were born as metaphors, but over time turned into idioms, and their analog parts were the first lose their original meanings.People who did not witness the emergence of the web do not fully understand why browser content is still called a “page”.It’s has also become unclear what public internet access facilities have in common with cafés, yet we continue calling them “internet cafés” or “cybercafés”. And if you type in “cyber café” on Wikipedia, it instantly redirects you to “internet café”.There is, however, a slight difference in, or rather, in the perception of the two terms.

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