Is black an intimidating color

Six of the 120 principles mentioned in the book are about color effects.Studying these color effects can help you achieve better marketing results.In the first experiment, students were randomly assigned to either wear a white lab coat or street clothes.

Even though black dog syndrome has nothing to do with design, it reveals how color meanings and perception can differ depending on context.

Those who wore white lab coats made an average of 50 percent less errors in comparison with the students who wore street clothes.

The same results were obtained in two subsequent experiments.

In the same instances, the “bad” and the “evil” are portrayed in darker colors.

As part of a study by The Kellogg School of Medicine, researchers found interesting results regarding white lab coats—so revealing that they coined the term “enclothed cognition,” mentioned earlier.

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is a book about how design is intertwined with the human condition.

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