Is dr travis stork dating jillian michaels

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He's so addicted that he wakes up hourly throughout the night to light up.

And a third man is addicted to chewing tobacco, and his wife is so repulsed she's on the verge of leaving him.

On "The Doctors," "we really dig in there and help people with the 'how to' of life transformation." As part of her new gig, she's unveiling a multi-part special within the show called "The Doctors' Wake-Up Call with Jillian!

" It launches on Friday, and will then air on consecutive Thursdays and feature Michaels working with three troubled couples who are struggling with destructive habits.

If she has a rallying cry on "The Doctors," it just might be: Take responsibility for your own health and welfare, don't leave it up to anyone else.

The show's executive producer, Carla Pennington, said she has long had her eye on adding Michaels to the cast.

Within her first few episodes as a new co-host on daytime TV's "The Doctors," Jillian Michaels drops the F-bomb, confronts the mother of a pregnant teen by asking, "Where were you when she's having sex at 13 years old?

"It's definitely not broken but we're fixing it anyway," co-host Dr. "This season it will be a significantly different show" with more in-depth consultations with real-life patients and more emphasis on psychological wellness.

He said viewers will be surprised by this different side of Michaels.

Michaels has been a special correspondent for the show and a ratings spike accompanies every visit, Pennington said. "Her goals are our goals, to give viewers the tools to make informed decisions about their health." And when the show announced Michaels' "wake-up" call segment, it was deluged with a record number of viewers desperate to sign up for Michaels' tough-love approach -- the most the show has ever received for any special, host Dr. As the only co-host who is not a doctor, Michaels said she also sees her role as giving a voice to the viewer.

Sometimes, she does it by piping up and asking the doctors to translate the medical-speak. (While the rest of the doctors are accustomed to handling cadaver parts such as a diseased lungs as part of a segment on the dangers of smoking, the squeamish Michaels can barely keep her breakfast down.) Now in its fourth season, the Emmy-winning show is also making room on the stage for psychologist Wendy Walsh.

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The new season of "The Doctors," which starts Tuesday, should come with a tag-line: "It's Jillian, Unleashed." Michaels said she left the hit NBC weight-loss reality show because "I couldn't have been more miserable," she said.

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