Jake gyllenhaal dating kirsten dunst

The pair first got together in 2002 after being introduced by his sister, Maggie, and quickly became an It couple, frequently attending events and red carpet premieres.They even shared a home together in La and adopted a dog named Atticus.They will vacation to London whenever they want, and they will drink in the middle of the daytime because they damn well feel like it. What we do know is that his man absolutely hated the way this woman ate salad.He hated it with every fiber of his being; the way she took way too many leaves at a time, the way she seemed to unhinge her jaw to defy the laws of science, the way she inexplicably He wears his disgust on his sleeve, and also on his face.You know, to me, I think, like, [it's about] making a relationship that's cool ...

He and Dunst met in September 2002 and announced their split in July 2004.

They're definitely a standard for me," he noted of his sitter and brother-in-law.

"Based on that, and based on their kids and how great they are with their kids, and how cool it is. My sister and her husband make it feel that way."Line forms to the left, people.

magazine this month, gives them the inside scoop on her personal life and views.

After a two year-long relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal (sooo hot), the couple broke up.

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Even though Jake is LA born and bred, we’re pretty sure he’s aware of what life is like throughout our country.

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