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The people have the power and when the time comes they should exercise their right to vote for the party of their choice.(Jan 29, 2002 PM) when my husband is at the bar he tell me i must call him first to let him know i'am coming don't just pop up because he feels like i'am watching him, i did peep in on him one time and somone must have told him does that mean he's always in women face in the bar, sometimes he invites me there everyone knows i'am his wife (Jan 29, 2002 PM) I want to thank you for your questions, some of them were very personal , but as usual I do not shy away from questions.

God has made us all to be happy and surely you can't find happiness in an abusive relationship whether it be mentally or physically (Jan 29, 2002 PM) I dont support a woman staying with a man who constantly abuses her, however she should seek professional counselling before she makes the final decision. (Jan 29, 2002 PM) dear pastor my husband has a bad temper and he get up set easily. (Jan 29, 2002 PM) Pastor i am a born again christian but I find my self being attracted to other women just like men . As a christian you should know that lesbianism is condemned in scriptures.

WHAT TO DO (Jan 29, 2002 PM) pastor i was abondon my mother along with my siblings, i didnt meet her untill i was in my late teen, my dad took care of us and we all turned out pretty decent, my question is should i feel bad knowing that am in a position where i can heilp her to migrate and choose nit to do so am i been a bad person (Jan 29, 2002 PM) Pastor, what do you have to say about long distance relationships..woman is living abroad and the man is living in jamaica or vice versa.

How can we trust that the one in jamaica is not trying to use the other to get to a foreign country for "opportunities abroad" even when they say they are in love? I am still a virgin (Jan 29, 2002 PM) You have not said that you have ever gotten involved, but clearly you have a problem.

(Jan 29, 2002 PM) Oh boy, I have had some letters which I cherish because of the help I have been able to give the writers, but I prefer not to divulge the contents of the letters. (Jan 29, 2002 PM) PASTOR WHAT YU THINK ABOUT SOME OF THE SAME WOMAN .. american (ID=12295) (Jan 29, 2002 PM) (Jan 29, 2002 PM) Hi Pastor, great to have u here... (Jan 29, 2002 PM) Well, I am afraid that these things do happen from time to time.

When I was 15 I met a pastor who I adored as a man of God... he has been trying to get me into his bed for years... Satan does not only tempt members of the congregation, but also members of the clergy and sad to say, some members of the clergy have fallen.

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