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This week on Facebook the group Lori Alexander 2.0 shared one of Lori’s most recent Facebook statuses.It was from her old blog Always Learning, and I believe we have shared and discussed it before – The Neglected Husband.The graphic she used just makes me laugh, some poor man-child sitting out in the cold, cold rain alone.Give that man an umbrella, a puppy and a warm sweater, someone please before he catches quinsy or dropsy! It’s been a few weeks since we took a close look at a patented pastor Tim Bayly hissy fit over his ideas of hyper masculinity looks like.However, even if they truly believe that these rules are for the best, most people will admit that they're somewhat bizarre.

He says you must give your husband sex upon demand every time or your husband will eventually cheat.

Not much different that Biblical Gender Role’s Larry Solomon.

It’s just Gary has managed to acquire a veneer of acceptability that neither Lori Alexander or Larry Solomon will ever…

Whenever I read pastor Doug Wilson’s site, Blog and Mablog, I vacillate between two differing reactions. But most of the time I slap my head to the desk top and mutter ‘What the eff did I just read?

’ In my deepest fantasies I imagine if we had an actual ‘Purge’ celebration, like in those dumb horror movies of the same name, that someone would show up in Moscow, Idaho and cream the snot…

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