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On the Bachelor Pad 2 finale their engagement was watched, and Michael Stagliano's heart broke. This relationship is proving to be more than a publicity stunt.9.

Graham Bunn and Michelle Money are an adorable couple.

When Jackie signed up for the Bachelor she was hoping it would be Craig, the couple said on Gossip With Getz.

This Philly lawyer and New York City artist have a promising future.8.

The Sutter's give us all hope in the show and I have been hooked since.6.

Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright: America's heart broke when Ali send Chris packing on Bachelorette 6, thankfully he found love with Peyton Wright from Andy Baldwin's season. You will see them together on Chris' new HGTV show7.

While Jason originally chose her over runner-up Molly Malaney, he then decided to break up with her in favor of getting back together with Malaney after the show had wrapped filming.You know, I feel like sometimes people look at me and think 'what a fairytale.We've seen her from looks like it's going to be wrapping up with quite the finale.Fans watched Rycroft accept a proposal on the pre-taped show, only to witness her getting dumped live on national television on "Believe me when I tell you that was the hardest, most uncomfortable show I’ve ever hosted.I like Melissa very much, and in fact we’ve talked several times since the taping including Friday before the second ) special.

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  1. Everyone knows this is going to be a short-term thing. Everyone knows that compared to the toned, bronzed local guys who can dance, sing, play percussion and cut sugar cane you’re pretty fucking lame. The problem with all this is that while it’s mostly just a bit of harmless slap and tickle with a new pair of shoes thrown in, the system is wide open to abuse.

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