Jehovah witness and dating

He had begun to doubt not only church creeds and doctrines, but also God and the Bible itself.At this critical juncture a chance encounter restored his faith and placed him under the influence of Second Adventist preacher Jonas Wendell.

Barbour, came up with "new light" on this and other doctrines.Then, in 1987, David Koresh took over the leadership position, and the tragedy that followed is public knowledge.Jehovah's Witnesses, likewise, trace their roots back to the Adventists.It meant that this Adventist splinter group had not remained defeated, as others had, when Christ failed to appear in 1874 as Adventist leaders had predicted; somehow this small group had managed to hold onto the date by affirming that the Lord had indeed returned at the appointed time, only invisibly.Was this mere wishful thinking, coupled with a stubborn refusal to admit the error of failed chronological calculations?

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He contributed articles for publication as well as monetary gifts, and Russell's small study group similarly became affiliated with Barbour's.

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