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Many plots of the early episodes were completely based on the episode writer's real-life troubles, including season one, episode three, Seinfeld: The Robbery (1990), season two, episode three, Seinfeld: The Jacket (1991), season two, episode eleven, Seinfeld: The Chinese Restaurant (1991), season three, episode seven, Seinfeld: The Cafe (1991), season three, episode nine, Seinfeld: The Nose Job (1991), and many others. While they are waiting in the Chinese restaurant in episode 2.11 Seinfeld: The Chinese Restaurant (1991), Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) lists the many people that will be getting phone calls as a result of him being seen there. His sister never appeared on the show, nor is she ever referred to again.

Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), and Kramer (Michael Richards) each had alter-egos that they used on occasion. Kramer's (Michael Richards) wardrobe of mostly 1960s and 1970s clothing was not intended to make him into retro fashions, so much as to suggest that he hadn't bought clothes in several years.

NBC liked the script so much, that they decided to develop it into a pilot instead.When asked why, Alexander responded, "Because the audience for this show is me, and I don't watch TV." The Soup Nazi (Larry Thomas) is based on the actual owner, Al Yeganeh, of a take-out soup business in Manhattan on West 55th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue.Just like in the sitcom, his soups were known for their excellent quality, but Yeganeh was also famous for the unusual way he treated his customers.Even the slightest reference to this show would push his buttons (it can be seen in an interview he did with CNN).So when some cast members and writers from this show bravely visited the restaurant after the episode aired, Yeganeh claimed that the show had ruined his life.

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