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Then Assyria again came under Persian control, and then finally under the control of the original Black Arabs.

While strong and supportive in many ways, the Orthodox community is also pretty homogeneous, and dealing with difference is not one of its strengths.

’ ” Read more » By Robin Washington Editorial page editor, Duluth News Tribune In my interracial, interreligious family on Chicago’s Near North Side, I did not have a particularly religious childhood. There were few Jews in our immediate area and no synagogues, so on holidays my mother would take us to the end of the line of the El to a synagogue near the high school where she taught.

For most, the Tzahal Absorption Center – the largest of three in Safed, built for families of seven members or more – became their first home in Israel just weeks before the outbreak of the war in Lebanon.

Read more » Most people are unaware of someone like Yavilah Mc Coy: an African-American and a fourth-generation Jew.

“People are surprised to find a Jew of color,” said Mc Coy, who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home in a heavily Jewish area of Brooklyn.

Some were born to one or two parents who were Jewish, whether by birth or conversion. That it will be a place where we meet to share ideas on a variety of topics from religion to culture to current events as they relate to the Jewish community, Jews of Color as a whole, and the African American community.

Third, refrain from quizzing Jews of color about their conversion status or biography.I sauntered back up to guard number one and said calmly that the party going on inside is where I am suppose to be. However, his eyes followed me as I checked in at the receiving desk and a hostess scratched my name off the master guest list.He was skeptical and asked me several questions such as “Whose sponsoring the party? Once inside, on two different occasions, other guards — both of whom were African American — stopped me to let me know that I had wandered into a private party.Wherever she is, Mc Coy said, she has to explain to African-Americans that being Jewish doesn’t necessarily mean being white. Curry, Copyright 1998 I went to an invitation-only Jewish event the other day that was being held at the reception hall section of a club downtown.And Jews want to know how she can be Jewish and African-American. A security guard stopped me at the door to tell me that a private party was going on inside and that I must want the club’s main entrance around the corner.

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I just played it cool and let them know they were the ones who had made the mistake.

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