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Angel, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Aside from that pesky gypsy curse (and murdering all of your friends), he's absolutely perfect—loyal, chiseled abs you can grate cheese on, even that 90s spiky hair had us going.

Dylan, "Friends With Benefits" Dylan gives Jamie a street artist painting and takes her home to meet his family before they're even a couple.

When you come across a movie, a TV show, or a book you truly love, chances are it’s not just the riveting storyline that keeps you coming back.

Let’s be real, movies with hot guys are what we put in heavy rotation.

Whether it’s their smoldering personalities, killer chemistry with another character, or the fact that they’re just really, really easy on the eyes, sexy characters are where it’s at.

Now every time we ride up an escalator, we hope he's there, waiting for us.

#John Luther, "Luther" The violent Detective Chief Inspector is hot and catches bad guys. Oh, and then there's that whole sexy British accent thing. Coach Eric Taylor, "Friday Night Lights" While we can't help but want to bed the young hot athletes featured on the NBC drama (See: Tim Riggins), we also want the star of the show: the team's thoughtful, no-nonsense, sexy coach.

As long as we wouldn't have to talk football, that is.

Paul Martel, "Unfaithful" Yeah, yeah we know—cheating is wrong.

But if someone as good looking and sexy as Paul came into our life, well, we'd have to think twice about going home to our husband, too.

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We know it's a slightly unhealthy infatuation, but we desperately want to get it on with David.

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