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They are excited, not just tolerant, but excited about new ideas that might not fit squarely into what they had perceived a certain character to be. It's so blurred at this point, I'm hard pressed to find films that give me the same opportunities that I find in television.

You do have a bigger part in American Gods Season 2, right? ------------------------------------------- While Tucker and I spoke a bit longer and more on the topic of film versus television, suffice it to say that if all goes well, we can expect him to stick around the small screen for a while longer.

That is part of getting to make 40 episodes of a show.

You live with a character like Jay, and you don't see who he is in two hours, you get to dance with all of the different arrows that come his way.

Jonathan got a shirtless scene early in the episode, as his character was introduced to the woman who will no doubt become his new love interest.So much about Jay's journey on our show has been about redemption and cleansing.It's been about redemption through, oftentimes, self-flagellation.I think the easy answer is yes, but I don't think that's true. You can make things easier, maybe, but you can't ultimately pull the trigger for somebody.Jay is an addict, and Jay wrestles with so many of the problems that Jay deals with and there's a sort of inevitability with Jay that is beautiful and painfully tragic.

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