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Al Gore -- the network's co-founder -- released a vague statement after firing Olbermann, claiming they let Keith go because he was disrespectful and disloyal to viewers.

Keith Olbermann was born in Manhattan on January 27, 1959, but was raised primarily in Westchester County, New York.

And the downs were to come along; such an adorable couple got separated despite their intense relationship.

The happy couple ended turning into distant cities; beyond their expectation.

and still owes him up to million in unpaid compensation. In the suit, Keith lists the following gripes with the network: -- broadcasting ads containing Keith's image without his consent-- using guest hosts for "Countdown" without Keith's approval-- refusing to give Keith editorial control over special election coverage-- disclosing the confidential terms of his contract -- linking Keith's name and goodwill with corporate endorsements without his consent-- disparaging Keith publicly -- refusing Keith's request to stream segments from his show on his website-- refusing to invest resources in the show The lawsuit also contains a reference to an email from Current TV President David Bohrman, in which Bohrman admits "the 33rd street studio [where Keith's show was filmed] is never going to be a professional facility.

It has been implied that Keith’s effort and presence were one of the reasons she landed her first job at NBC New York in 2009.

Keith also fully supported Tur at every step of her life.

Katy Tur and Olbermann started dating each other since June 2006, planning to extend their relationship lifelong as a husband-wife relationship someday.

They had been loyal to each other since the early days and had started living together as well.

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In 1981 Olbermann made his television sportscasting debut on CNN.

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