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Terminal area) APR - light that signals pilot when the GPS is engaged in Approach mode MSG - light that signals pilot that the GPS has generated a Message alert that should be viewed on the GPS WPT - light that signals pilot that the GPS has generated a Waypoint alert that should be viewed on the GPS INTG - light that will signal pilot when the GPS receiver detects a position error or is unable to calculate the Integrity of the position Some annunciator units and annunciator control units or ACUs have a variety a these switches and annunciators depending on the GPS system to be interfaced with or the aircraft installation.

However, there are certain annunciations such as MSG and WPT that are standard for all annunciators required.

The relay assembly provides the electrical transfer of information between a conventional nav (VOR/ILS/GS) and GPS to one Course Deviation Indicator (CDI). In this case, you would only purchase the Control Head.

The ACU units can be complete with control and relay built into one assembly or they can be separated depending on the part number. Some installations use different custom sizes and styles of annunciator switches.

A normal Annunciator Control Unit (ACU) includes a control and relay assembly.

The control portion includes lighted annunciations (words) as well as a switch assembly to activate a relay.

Unfortunately Radio Shack do not do international orders via their web site, but I have ordered one to be delivered to a friend in the US who can send it on. Wheeler, Some form of training is required, see the below link to AWB 34-1, the maintenance authority system has been to taken out. The GPS database update IS aircraft maintenance, and needs to be recorded on the M/R.

The GPS expiry date for an IFR aircraft should also be stated on the M/R, when the database expires a pilots cannot conduct a GPSNPA in IMC except in an emergency.

Certain GPS receiver software as well as laptop performance requirements must be met in order to properly utilize Internet downloading and the computer interface.

To date I have updated the database on my KLN89B by downloading the file from the Bendix-King Wingman site and connecting the computer via the serial port to a jack connection on the instrument panel. (Long w/e in the US) BC I assume you have tried something like this which is the cable and drivers ?

No problem, except the old laptop has died and the new laptop does not have a serial port, only USB I have tried a serial/USB adaptor, but the computer cannot recognise the GPS unit. I also assume you have a maintenance authority to do the database updates.

Therefore, in this case, only a remote relay is purchased without a control assembly.

In addition to variations in switches, relays, and sizes, ACUs are engineered to be compatible with specific GPS systems by different manufacturers.

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