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I am also waiting, as a secondary focus of my waiting, for one of the drunken honeymooners to slip and fall and go splashing into the pool in the course of her next tottery trip, a flail of stilettos and silk and rum-spiked coconut milk. I have made an effort tonight, and all the other nights, to look approachable. I arranged my breasts neatly in a push-up bra and donned a low-cut dress that had been perfectly pressed by the hotel laundry service. Well, I will say to my interlocutor, as if I have not been waiting six days for someone to ask me that precise question.

In the two hours between abandoning my sun lounger and arriving on the dining platform I have been grooming. And then I ticked the scent menu, so that the maid could spritz my room with the right flavour when she came to turn down my room (lavender). He will like to read and work as an academic in some kind of humanities field and also be staying on his own at a six-star resort on the southeast coast of Mauritius.

Thanksgiving in North Dakota, the photo album is called. I am in a six-star hotel room in the middle of a resort in the middle of an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and I am looking at Michael spending a foreign holiday in a right-wing state with another woman four years after he said I have to leave, I have to leave, and I am crying. There’s a little speedboat waiting for us on a boat launch on the beach. I do not know the driver’s name because his name is not tattooed on his forearm.

Mauritius is an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. At the gate at Heathrow I was the only woman on my own; the only one a glorious diamond, a platinum band, on my left hand. I will do a wistful gaze past my new friend’s right ear.

To reach the dining platform you traverse a path of flat, white stepping stones that just clear the surface of the bleach-scented azure water; they are like fossilised lily pads. I blew the waves out of my hair with a dryer and then applied hot tongs to replace the natural curls with artificial ones. Mauritius is a popular honeymoon destination for British newlyweds seeking to demonstrate their love for each other through the expenditure of £6000 on a package holiday. I will swish the ice cubes in my drink, which is a negroni, an old man drink.

I washed the salt from my hair and shaved my legs and smoothed on moisturiser from the complimentary bottle. And then I reflected on the fact that the sheer existence of a scent menu, of people who believe that a varied choice of in-room aroma is a reasonable expectation, kind of made me want to kill myself. He will be between five and ten years older than me; wearing a sharp linen jacket; handsome, with kind eyes.

I dabbed concealer over the uneven patches on my face and smeared on three different shades of eye shadow: inner corner, outer corner, crease, browbone.

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By Jean Hannah Edelstein I am waiting for someone to speak to me.

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