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This article, therefore, is concerned with being discovered by persons other than spouse or exclusive sexual partner.Males are more likely than females to be discovered, if only due to the increased frequency at which males masturbate.

Is it bad that I'm not doing it regularly and do you have any tips on how to be able to do it regularly? See my page about masturbating in college dorms for advice on how to get more privacy from the people you live with.

A few days later, my phone fell out of my pocket and I didnt know my sister found it and went through it and found my vid and showed my mom. After my divorce I started seeing a woman who was also just out of a relationship. The idea of intercourse or oral sex made me feel uneasy. Having just been dumped by my ex-wife for another man, it was good to have a woman compliment me about almost everything, including what I looked like with my pants down, and it was good hold a woman in my arms and experience the excitement of seeing her nicely shaped private area. Over the course of several hours with periodic breaks, we massaged each other, masturbated in front of each other, and enjoyed the benefits of mutual masturbation.

On a cold, snowy, winter day up in the mountains of Colorado, we ended up in a chalet-style hotel room. Both of us climaxed, first with our own hands and then with the hands of the other. But after we discovered this we still didn't close the curtains.

Another page on this site deals with privacy for masturbating in dorms and other shared living situations.

One day I was masturbating, when I realized my window was open, but then I moaned at orgasm and I heard some people laughing.

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