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(Graphs: DMI and NASA) In Denmark, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) has observing stations distributed around the country, providing a unique opportunity to analyse temperature change since the 1870s. This means that we can track temperature changes in this part of the world at a time when industrialisation was expanding throughout the country.

It also includes global trends, such as a period of relative warmth in the 1930s and 1940s and the modern global warming that we are witnessing today.

While in 1947, four stations recorded a record high number of extreme warm days—as many as 107 days.

But overall, the past decade (2007 to 2016) was the warmest on record.

Negative temperatures are cooler related to the reference period, and positive temperatures are higher.Cold extremes occur more often during periods when the average temperature drops, and warm extremes likewise increase as the average temperature goes up. The number of cold extremes have declined most towards the east of the country, and especially so in the capital, Copenhagen.Here, there are now 21 fewer extreme cold days than there were 100 years ago.So it should not be a surprise that such a small area can experience unusually cold temperatures while the Earth in general continues to warm.Denmark has a record of reliable and systematic temperature observations dating back to around 1875, which means that we can map the spatial and temporal trends in temperature.

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Here, the difference between the daily maximum (daytime) and minimum (night time) temperatures, and the difference between the highest and lowest mean monthly temperatures are both at their lowest.

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